“Garden of Paradise”

A slight turn of the head and the Preyhof comes into view. The vineyard is located near Castel Sallegg and nourishes our belief in what will be possible in the future.
The vines stand at 550 meters above sea level, bringing them closer to the sky, to the mountains, to paradise. On a site planted with Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir, on which we have lavished great care and attention for several years now, we are witnessing the dawn of new times. 
The vines are rooted and nourished in deep, humus-rich, loamy soil on calcareous gravel; the delicious evening breezes bring welcome cooling for restful nights and a crisp freshness. 
Is it the bells of St. Catherine’s Church and the proximity of Castel Sallegg that have unseen effects on the soil and the grapes? Not only, but also: We believe in fine vibrations that make themselves felt in the wine. 
The ancestors of the Counts of Kuenburg used Trento marble as a surround to mark the boundaries of the Preyhof vineyard, to protect it from within and without – noble material for grapes with great potential.
The manor house on the edge of the vineyard, in traditional wine estate architecture with a fine veranda, is now a venue for exquisite events, private parties and wonderful celebrations.

Pinot Noir - Karal

Pinot Blanc - Leopoldine

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