Enjoy Life, enjoy the #vibesofsallie!

Sallie is the newest member of the Castel Sallegg wines. It is a easy going rosé made from Merlot, Lagrein and Pinot Nero grapes.The six different colours represent #fun #wanderlust #friendship #freedom #easiness and #passion.
Feel the #vibesofsallie - feel the Dolce Vita!
Which colour is your favorite?


Never stop exploring, be driven by #WANDERLUST.

Enjoy a summer full of #FUN!

That’s #FREEDOM!

Enjoy a summer full of #FUN!

Enjoy the #EASINESS of the Moment.

It’s all about a good #FRIENDSHIP.


"Sallie colorful edition"

Tasting notes:

Pale pink in colour.

Seductive aroma of raspberries and strawberry and hints of roast coffee and jam.

On the palate fruity, flavors of raspberries and some slightly notes of red berries.

10-1 2°C

Cellaring recommendations: Up to 3 years

Wine and food pairing:  This rosé is an ideal accompaniment for white meat, barbecues, salmon and severalother types of fish, pasta and pizza, as well as dark poultry.

Grape variety: Pinot Nero, Lagrein, Merlot

Terroir: Kaltern– Reitwiesen 230 above sea level: Sandy loam; Kaltern - Seehof: 230 m above sea level. Medium-textured, sandy loam; Kaltern - Preyhof: 550 m above sea level.Sandy limestone soil with porphyry gravel and Gardena sandstone.

Training system: Guyot

Yield per vine: 1.5 kg - 80 hl/ha

Production process:  After a brief maceration, the grapes are pressed and only the juice is left to ferment. A controlled fermentation process makes for fruity, fresh notes.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel tanks on the fine lees for 4 months.

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ich bin volljährig / sono già maggiorenne / I am of legal drinking age