Noble heritage.
A "Torggl" wine press was first mentioned in writing in 1746 in the “Gschlössl Sallegg, located closest to St. Catherine’s Church”. The cellars in the castle bear witness to the fact that castle life and viticulture have always been connected. Viticulture in Caldaro existed long before that.
Historical Cellar
Anyone who descends the three floors and eleven meters into the 1000-year-old historic wine cellar embarks on a journey into the past. The wines mature in the festive, quiet atmosphere at a constant temperature all year round. Tradition and history are the foundation of the winery, curiosity and innovative spirit inspire the work in the cellar. While the wine matures towards its perfection deep underground, the most modern cellar technology is used in production.



The fine cellars in the castle are testament of landed gentry that has always connected castle living with wine creation.

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